How to sell a luxury home?

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Introduction: Despite the devastating effects of coronavirus, the real estate sector performed well, unlike predictions. Experts predicted that the realtors highlight the property needs neglecting the safety needs. The pandemic situation has surged the real estate needs of people. People are now working from home with their children who are attending virtual classes. The need for larger space has increased than before. Meanwhile, the mortgage price has come down that further pushes people to buy at lower price points.

Why people buy luxury homes in 2021

During Pandemic the sales of luxury homes skyrocketed 60%, and this is the highest since 2013. 

  1. The K- shaped economic recovery process acted as a catalyst earning sending money to the rich.
  2. People love to buy luxury homes due to the security it provides the inmates. With the high-tech security cameras installed all over the building, the owner feels so protected. Furthermore, these luxury homes have well-trained security personnel and proximity to important hospitals of the city. 
  3. The rich are utilizing real market estate gains to buy luxury houses. 
  4. The record-low mortgage rate coupled with work from home facilities has improved the sales of luxury homes.
  5. When people buy luxury homes, a major chunk of their savings gets locked in an investment. The value of this investment grows at a rapid pace compared to other investments. A house is a performing asset that starts fetching higher income after some time.

Because of these reasons, high-priced homesteads are on the rise. The realtors are all set to tap this opportunity, further pushing the sales of luxury homes. The buyers of luxury homes pay a hefty price for the property. Therefore, along with fantastic opportunity, comes a bundle of questions and expectations. As these are luxury properties, only a few sets of people might be capable enough to buy these properties. Furthermore, you should have the knack to identify real potential buyers. 

Top Tips to Sell Your Luxury Home Quickly:

  1. Follow right marketing techniques: Remember that you are in an expensive real estate market. Setting up a TO SALE signboard on your yard or presenting your luxury home on your Facebook page won’t do the trick. Why don’t you think about some effective techniques like photography, professional staging? They would help you reach financially capable customers who are genuinely interested in buying your property.
  2. Work with an experienced property auction company: When you are a new realtor or otherwise, approaching an experienced real estate auction company can help sell your building faster. In such cases, you can sell your property at a better price too. We at Mahnaz Luxury Homes, experienced in efficiently finishing multiple properties, help you sell your property in a flick. Moreover, a property held up with you for months will come up for auction at a much later date than new buildings. When you approach Mahnaz Luxury homes, we connect you to the right agents. This will help you save time and money. 
  1. Staging the property: This would help any realtor sell the property faster. When a prospective buyer picture living in the property, he can understand the house better. They can evaluate their needs at home. They should be satisfied with how customized the house is according to their needs. For this, a professional stager can help you point out the unique features of the house. Moreover, it is difficult for you to do it all alone. 
  2. Understand quality photos sell more: If you want to market your property, you have to take attractive photos and videos. If you don’t think you have the ability to take good pictures, hire a professional photographer. He will make your job easier. Virtual tours, drone shots will help the buyer feel it is the house he is looking for. An exclusive album of the property can help the prospective buyer to view it at the comfort of his home.
Luxury home selling
  1. Fix an appropriate price for your property: This is the riskiest part of selling a luxury home. You increase the cost of your property; it will be stale. After a few months, you will find it difficult to push it to the buyers. If you feel you should reduce the price a little more than the market price, you will end selling at a low rate. Find a middle ground where you can sell the house faster, and earn some profit out of the sale. In such cases, auctioning your property sounds like a good idea. The buyers, in the hunt, for owning a better property will push the price up. It will help you earn a lucrative amount by selling your property.
  2. Make the customers prefer exclusive viewings: Try to inculcate a feeling in the prospective buyers that taking exclusive appointments to view the house is better than visiting an open house. Appointment-only viewings will cut in the time spent on random visitors viewing your listing on an open house. It is always better to get a few visitors for luxury listings as the number of walk-ins won’t help sell a home. So, prefer viewing by appoints only to save on your time and effort to sell your property. 
  3. Offer perks to selling better: Always a product with better offers sells faster in the market. It holds good for the real estate market too. Adding a cherry on the top of the cake would look attractive. Just like that, selling your customized house with a beautiful piece of furniture would pull in more buyers for your home.

Conclusion: In short, selling a high-end property is exciting as well as brain draining. Fixing a high price would end up with no business. Similarly, a low price will end up in making a loss. A brilliant realtor would set a mid-price for his property and make a deal. In addition to all these tricks, taking photos, virtual tour of the property would help you hit the sincere buyers for your product. The real motto of Mahnaz Luxury Homes is to serve the people with passion and dedication. We follow the market and are experts in selling homestead at lowest prices.